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So as the title tells you, i now live on my own. When moving to uni i had the choice to go into halls (like most first years) or go into private accommodation. Most people will say you have to go into halls to get a sense of the ‘real’ uni life, but not for me. Due to my mental health problems, the best option for me was to go into private accommodation where i would have my own studio apartment, in a student complex building. The


room i currently has is an open plan room with a bed, desk and kitchen and then i have my own en suite. Where i live is called Roman House and is in the city centre of Derby, and is only a 5 minute walk to the halls of residence my friends live in. In this building there is a shared common room with tables, sofas and a TV, a cinema room with a large TV an
d comfy chairs, a gym (which i used once in 6 months), laundry room, and several study rooms.
I guess you want to know the pros and cons of living alone? Well here goes;

I guess the main pro is my own space! I don’t have to share a kitchen or a bathroom and live in other peoples mess (much like my friends). This is also my place for time out, relax, or crack on with uni work, so i have no distractions around me, well apart from my TV, Xbox, phone and laptop! I also get a descent nights sleep, no flat mates cooking and banging around at silly hours in the morning! I’m lucky enough to have the very last room on the top floor so the only noise i hear is the ambulances going past (i live near the hospital) but i’ve become used to that now. Privacy is also a great pro to having reading_student_studios_cinema-0-cropthis studio as no one can just walk in when they feel like it. The room also came fully equipped with all the necessities; 3/4 bed, bedside table, lamp, flat screen TV, wardrobe, oven,
4 hobs, fridge, sink, kitchen stool, radiator, desk, desk chair, 2 shelving units, 2 pin
boards, sink, toilet and a shower. The only main things which i had to bring was a kettle, and a microwave (because i don’t know how to use the oven one, lol). Bills also come included in the rent so i can use as much electricity and water as i want, and WiFi and insurance is also included. You also get your own letter box down in the reception area which is really safe as you need to a key to get into it. Another pro, only due to the location of my room, is that there is a pub/club in the next building. I find this handy as its a cheap and great night out and i don’t have far to stagger home lol. However the people who live on the other side of the building closer to the club would definitely say this is a con!
Well the main con is that it can get lonely sometimes, not often tho cos if i’m ever need in company, my friends come over to mine or i go to theirs. Its not like ‘oh yeah you live alone you should always be alone’, no, i just like my own space and to live in a clean environment. The price of my room is also pretty pricey, and on top of the rent i have to pay for a TV license as well as my laundry (£2.40 to wash and £1.80 to dry!!!) Another problem i have come across is location! Due to it being a new build (i’m the first y003_web_gallery_rh_derby_080816-cropear to live here), takeaway places don’t know where i live!!! How annoying when you’re a student who can never be bothered to cook, but can also never be bothered to try and explain where i live and they not understand.

I will be changing accommodation at the beginning of July 2017, where i am moving into a downstairs flat of a house with one of my best friends. In this flat we will still have our own bedroom, but there is also a lounge, kitchen, bathroom (with a bath!), and a small garden. This works out a lot cheaper for myself, and will be nice to share with one person so i’m not alone or living with 5+ people.

If you’re interested in looking at the accommodation then i will leave the link here;

Thankyou for reading about my experience of living alone so far, if you have any questions feel free to comment, and please like this post!



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