You see all these cute posts on Instagram and Facebook of these couples going on extreme dates to the Bahamas and Maldives, come on be realistic! I mean yes of course i would love to go to places like that, but i’m a student i can barely afford food never mind a luxurious holiday! So for this post i’m gonna share my Dating Bucket List of things for free or a reasonable price!

  1. Seaside – as i live in the Midlands, its very rare that i get to go to the beach. I think a cute beach walk and fish and chips would be the perfect date, its basically free apart from travel expenses, and the fish and chips of course!
  2. Zoo – I LOVE THE ZOO! My local zoo is Twycross Zoo which have my favourite animals, penguins! People might say that the zoo is for kids, well they’re probably right because everyone turns into a big kid at the zoo!
  3. Safari Park – similar to the zoo is a safari park, the only problem is i nor my boyfriend can drive at the minute so this would have to wait until a later date. The closest safari park to where i’m living at the minute is Woburn Safari but the only one that i’ve been to is West Midlands Safari Park.
  4. Sea Life Centre – another ‘childish’ date idea but i think it can be pretty romantic. Wandering around all the tanks and just having a day away from reality with your love. The closest one to me is The National Sea Life Centre.
  5. Cadburys World – I am chocolate obsessed, so going to Cadburys World would be an ideal date, plus you get FREE chocolate. It is mainly orientated for kids but i wont say no to a day around chocolate and some free to take home with me.
  6. Crazy Golf – Im not a sporty person at all so one of the only sports i enjoy is crazy golf. Lost City Adventure Golf is the closest one for me, and i think is a great opportunity to get competitive and have some fun with your partner.
  7. Cinema – Going to the cinema isn’t as cheap as it used to be, but it can be a great opportunity to spend with your partner, in silence lol. If you’re both into a film then take a trip to your local cinema, grab some sweets before hand as cinema prices are ridiculous, and enjoy the film. Oh and i’m definitely not a cinema snogger, if i pay to watch a film then i’m gonna watch every second of it! My local cinema is Derby Showcase Cinema Deluxe.
  8. Bowling – Bowling is also a great opportunity to get competitive with your partner and having a laugh whilst trash talking one another!
  9. Sports Events – Like i previously said, i’m really not into sports, however my boyfriend does support Derby County F C. We already have a double date planned to go watch a game at the beginning of March, so i’m going to have to wear 100 layers and get a mortgage out for a burger!
  10. Paint-balling – Finally paint-balling, this isn’t for everyone as it can be pretty painful! You can also take 2 approaches to it; be on the same team as your partner, or be against your partner! I know i’d be on the opposite so i can whoop his ass!
  11. Dinner – going out for dinner can either be dirt cheap or stupidly expensive, depending on your budget. But going somewhere such as Nandos or Pizza Hut is ideal for me, nice food and not too expensive.
  12. Walks – as my boyfriend has 2 dogs, we like to go on walks with them for the day. Local to where he lives is Elvaston Castle where there is a cafe and woods/parks to walk round. I think we enjoy it just as much as the dogs, and its FREE!

Thankyou for reading this post on my Top  Date ideas in Feb 2017. If you want anymore posts about dates i’ve been on/want to go on, please comment and also like this post!


my boyfriend and his dog Pep x



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