Top 9 Things To Do – Toronto & Niagra Falls; Canada

Canada is one of my favourite countries and i have been lucky enough to visit 4 times. My most recent visit was in the summer of 2016 where i stayed with family in Ontario for 3 week. We went to different cities and became true tourists, especially in Toronto and Niagara Falls, so here is my Top 9 Things To Do!

  1. CN Tower – The CN Tower is located in the centre of Toronto and is one of the wonders of the world! It is open 364 days a year, 9:00am-10:30pm. It consists of three observation levels; Look Out, Glass Floor and the Sky Pod. The Look Out level is located at 346m and the only way to reach it is by using one of the six glass fronted elevators which takes just 58 seconds! The Glass Floor is self explanatory, the floor is made up of glass! This is a bit further down at 342m but not everyone has the nerve to stand, sit or lye on the floor. I’m not scared of heights so i would happily sit staring down all day! This glass floor is a unique experience which should be added to everyone’s bucket list. The highest level is the Sky Pod at 447m and is one of the highest observation platforms in the world, you can even feel the building swaying with the wind!

    The view from the CN Tower
  2. Niagara Falls – The Canadian Horseshoe falls is what makes Niagara famous. The falls are 54 m high and carriers nine times more water than its United States counterpart. It is also a major source of electricity for Ontario.

    Niagara Falls
  3. Hornblower Niagara Cruises– The Hornblower Cruise (otherwise known as the Maid of the Mist) is a boat tour which takes you as close as possible to the amazing falls! The journey takes you along Niagaara River, past the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls and into the heart of the Horseshoe Falls.

    Niagara Horseshoe Falls
  4. City Sightseeing Tour (Bus & Boat) – The City Sightseeing tour bus is a hop on hop off sight seeing ticket which can be used for 48 hours! Included in the price is a free harbour and island cruise which takes you around Toronto islands and you get a great view of the city (picture below). There are 21 stops to choose from and a free souvenir map is provided.

    The view of Toronto from the Boat Cruise
  5. Whirlpool Aero Car – Whilst on the Whirlpool Aero Car you get an amazing view of the Great Gorge above the Niagara River in an antique cable car (which made me anxious just looking at!). It takes you from one end of the Gorge to the other and will abruptly change direction (also very nerve wracking). Its definitely not for the faint hearted but was an unforgettable experience.

    The view from the Whirlpool Aero Car of the Rapids
  6. Niagara Helicopter Ride – This is Niagara’s premier year-round aerial attraction! The tour begins at the Sir Adam Beck Generating plant and follows the Niagara River from the Whirlpool area, over the Rapids and then Rainbow Bridge. The helicopter also passes by the American Falls and the Skylon Tower. To get an even better experience, the helicopter changes direction and follows the curve of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls (my dad did go green at this part). Whist on the tour you can an individual headset with a taped commentary, the windows are large enough to get the best view possible, and there is a professional photo service and a gift shop to get a reminder of the great experience you had!

    Niagara Helicopter Ride
  7. Walk of Fame – The Walk of Fame is much like the Hollywood one! It has stars of the famous Canadians from actors, and singers, to sports men and women! This picture i posted below actually got a like from Ryan Reynolds himself (i know omg!)

    Ryan Reynolds – Walk of Fame Toronto
  8. Clifton Hill – Clifton Hill is a world famous ‘Street of Fun’ which homes many attractions, restaurants, entertainment and more. It is home to the Niagara Sky Wheel 175ft above the Falls to give you a great view, Dinosaur Adventure Golf, Movieland Wax Museum and many more attractions. Most tourists go to Clifton Hill at night time as this is when the excitement starts.

    Clifton Hill Amusements – Niagara Sky Wheel
  9. Journey Behind the Falls – Journey Behind the Falls is a year-round attraction that offers a unique view of the falls from below and behind! You get to the viewing points by going under ground by 150 ft in an elevator and then there is a short tunnel leading to the two outdoor observation decks.

    Journey Behind the Falls

Thankyou for reading my post about my favourite things to do in Toronto and Niagara Falls! If you have personally visited any of these places comment and let me know, and also like this post! Thankyou!



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