About Me

So who is the person behind all the crap and nonsense on this blog? Well that would be me, hi im Danielle, 20 years old living in the Midlands, England. 

If you want to actually know about this wonderful life i’ve come to have, then carry on reading;

I was originally born in Newcastle, England where i lived in a flat with both my parents and majority of the time my older half sister. When i was about 3 years old, I moved to Leicester where we lived with my grandparents (was meant to be 6 months, ended up being nearly 2 years, lol) whilst we looked for our own house. Then we moved into our current house, still in Leicester, where we’ve been for just over 17 years. Growing up i was a pretty smart kid and had plenty of friends. However during my adolescence years (15+) my mental health deteriorated and i was diagnosed with depression. 

I managed to get through school passing my GCSE’s with some pretty impressive grades; 1x A*, 3x A, 1x B and 1x C. I then continued on to A Levels (bad idea) where i failed and didn’t continue to do my second year; 1x U and 2x D. After this failure, i moved on to college where i studied an extended level 3 diploma in Applied Science; i again came out with some pretty good results; D*D*D. I am now currently at the University of Derby in my first year studying Mental Health Nursing. This does however mean that i no longer live in my family home in Leicester, but i have my own flat in Derby.

I have a pretty big family, half being in Leicester and half in Newcastle, and i’m an auntie to 4 little monsters; 1 boy and 3 girls. I also have 2 house rabbits at my family home who i miss very much. 

I have had some amazing opportunities to travel i the 20 years i’ve been on this planet, but i hope to travel alot lot more! So far i have been Canada (x4), Greece (Crete), Spain and Bulgaria (Sunny Beach).

For some reason i have a boyfriend, i know, someone actually fancies me! He is from Derby so it is a new relationship since coming to uni, however our ‘how we met’ story will be a great blog post!

So yeah, that’s me and my not so interesting life! If i think of anything else that i think you should know then i’ll just add it 🙂

Thankyou for reading